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Hi! My name is Dr Dave Roche


I am a Physics teacher at Sevenoaks School in the UK and built this website to assist students from all over the world with their IB Physics revision. I know first hand how tough the IB Physics course is, so I have tried my best to help you all through it. 

A little about me - I love science and all things science! My goal in building this site was to share some of that enthusiasm with students from around the world and to help you in your own journeys in science. It can lead you all sorts of directions in life that you never imagined. Before I started teaching I worked in academic research, completing a PhD in Medical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. I loved getting my hands dirty in the lab and discovering new ideas. However, during my PhD I realised I most enjoyed sharing science with others, and so found my way into teaching, where I get to talk about science all day, every day!

Beyond the classroom, I love being involved with various outreach projects, whether that is helping local students follow their ambitions of studying at universities, working with communities in Ghana to develop STEM resources or helping some primary children to code, I am always looking for new outreach opportunities to be involved in. 

Outside of school, I love to travel around the world with my wife, Jordan - who does a very good job of putting up with me. We are always looking for our next adventure come the school holidays!

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